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UMAC Marine Phytoplankton FAQ

Who should be taking UMAC-CORE marine phytoplankton?
EVERYONE! It is a whole and complete superfood that all may benefit from.
Why should I take UMAC marine phytoplankton?
Marine Phytoplankton harness the sun's energy through photosynthesis. The micro-nutrients and electrolytes in plankton are exactly what human cell membranes need to carry out their metabolism. When this membrane is damaged due to lack of nutrients and poor diet, the cell communication that coordinates metabolism is disrupted causing an array of problems. phytoplankton nourishes cells at the cellular level.
Can I take this with my other supplements?
Yes. Taking UMAC with any other supplement will only enhance your results. TOP
Is it organic?
It is naturally grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or preservatives. The plankton is fed an organic food grade quality supplement. TOP
Does UMAC help with weight loss?
It is such a nutritionally dense product, marine phytoplankton should help with cravings because the body is getting more of what it needs to function properly. TOP
I am allergic to shellfish, can I still take UMAC?
Although marine phytoplankton comes from the ocean, it is not a shellfish. If you are concerned, simply place a bit of the liquid on the inside of the wrist after making a few "light" scratches and check for redness and irritation or Consult your physician. TOP
Is it safe for vegetarians and vegans?
Absolutely! It is 100% vegetarian in a vegetarian capsule. TOP
Is your manufacturing plant causing environmental damage?
Quite the opposite! It actually benefits. The phytoplankton absorb up to 50% of the Earth's carbon dioxide while emitting up to 90% of the Earth's oxygen. After harvest, the remaining ocean water in the tank flows back to the ocean in a pure, clean, pristine condition. This is a 30 million dollar facility that has ZERO toxic emissions! The marine life around the plant have flourished, from shellfish to otters to eagles. Pure oxygen is our by-product. TOP
What about pollution in the ocean?
Not a problem! The small batch we obtain from the sea is first tested, approved, grown, harvested and then tested again to provide assurance that there are no molds, yeast, toxins, heavy metals or contaminants and that it is approved for human consumption. Each batch comes with a Certificate of Analysis. TOP
Why is the suggested serving so low?
The suggested 75 mg serving is equivalent to 1/2 teaspoon of phytoplankton paste which is 85% seawater. When it is dried, it becomes a highly potent, incredibly concentrated whole food. TOP
What is the difference between wild and laboratory grown phytoplankton?
UMAC-CORE is delivered to you in the exact same species composition as is found in nature, the way your body is intended to receive them. We do not manipulate the species. Most other phytoplankton products are manipulated and grown in laboratories attempting to re-creat the oceans conditions. Most other phytoplankton are commonly used in commercial grade fish feed. TOP