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UMAC Marine Phytoplankton Sciences

UMAC (Unique Marine Algae Concentrate) uses Alpha 3 CMP™ as the base of their products. Alpha 3 CMP™ is a unique nutrient-rich blend of marine phytoplankton harvested from the pristine temperate coastal waters of the northwest Pacific Ocean. It is classified as brown algae and is a blend of several species of marine phytoplankton. The turbulence created by the interaction of fresh water and ocean water draws from additional deep water nutrients to create an exceptional cauldron of life to support a diverse array of marine phytoplankton species.

The proprietary patent-pending process harvests natural seawater, capturing the marine phytoplankton in million-liter tanks. This is the only known product to take natural marine phytoplankton communities containing a complete suite of marine trace elements in proportion to those found naturally in human tissue. Throughout this unique growing and harvesting process, quality control and testing is employed to ensure the highest quality products, providing assurance that no pathogens, toxins, heavy metals or contamination has occurred to the natural marine phytoplankton. The concentrated paste contains hundreds of species (primarily from the larger, nutrient-rich Bacillariophyceae classification commonly known as diatoms). Through the harvesting process the Company’s proprietary technology breaks down the cellular walls, separating the silicate walls and releasing the nutrients that are otherwise encapsulated.

This process makes the nutrients immediately bioavailable. The raw paste at this point contains approximately 85% water. It next goes to a leading phytopharmaceutical manufacturer and private labeler in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadian Phytopharmaceutical Corporation (CPC), which is fully certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) by Health Canada, where it is further concentrated, passing through the highest standard quality assurance procedures (sanitized and stabilized) to certify Alpha 3 CMP™ is safe for human consumption.

UMAC has developed and formulated two products for human consumption. The capsule product contains organic maltodextrin as a delivery system. The concentrated liquid product is in a base of organic glycerin. The products utilize the micronutrients found only in the ocean. Each provides a wide spectrum of nutrients including vitamins, amino acids (protein), rare trace elements, minerals and cellular materials needed to achieve and maintain a healthy and energetic lifestyle.